Finances are difficult.
That's why we want to help you.

About Anyfin

Anyfin is the smart finance app that gives you tools for a better personal finance. We were launched in 2018 and have since helped tens of thousands of users to get better financial health. We have lowered our users' effective interest rate with an average of 64%, which corresponds to future savings of approximately SEK 100 million 🙌

How does Anyfin work?

By downloading the Anyfin app, you as a user can lower the interest rate on existing credits, block yourself from buying on credit or use Bryggan, our free loan of up to 1000 kr. You also get better control of your expenses, income and your spending pattern.

What does it mean that you want to increase your financial health?

A survey by Finansinspektionen revealed that one in five households do not get the money enough for one or more months per year. At the same time, Swedish credit debt is growing avalanche. We at Anyfin know that finances are difficult and often anxious and therefore wants to help many people get more order and order in their finances in order to increase their finances health. Whether it's about lowering the interest rate on your expensive credit card bill or help you block yourself from being able to shop for installments online and we are there.

How can Anyfin make it cheaper?

We always offer our users individual interest rates. So instead to give everyone the same conditions, we do an individual credit check. In addition, we have fully automated processes that keep costs down down. But most likely of all, your current one will probably take over lender more paid than it should 💸

How does Anyfin make money?

We at Anyfin do not charge for most features that you get access in the Anyfin app. Without what we make money on, it is the interest rate we take on the credits we refinance. But to Unlike many other companies, we do not have any intermediaries and is content to charge less than many others creditors.

How is Anyfin regulated?

Anyfin is an independent consumer credit institution that is under Finansinspektionen's supervision.

Who can take part in my information?

Your information is processed in accordance with our privacy policy. All data is processed according to the GDPR.

Contact Us

Do you have questions?

Even if we try to make it as clear as possible, credits are complicated. If you feel insecure or have questions, you should always contact us. We are happy to help you!

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Representative example

For example, refinancing a loan of SEK 10,000 at a variable interest rate of 8.86% with a 12-month repayment period and 12 installments, with SEK 0 in administrative fees, gives an effective interest rate of 9.23%. The monthly cost will then be SEK 874 and the total amount to repay is SEK 10,486. Anyfin always offers individual interest rates.

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